Another year of cheering, volunteering and being inspired beyond words came to an end on Monday.  Yep, another year of IRONMAN has gone by.  Encouraging words written with chalk still line the roads and the inspiration still lingers in me.  Every year is more inspiring than the one before.  I wish I could bottle up this inspiration and motivation and have it available to me when I need it.  Already thinking of the training to come on those cold, dark winter mornings.  A bottle of I and M would be nice!


This years race had extra energy attached to it with the announcement that IRONMAN Canada (which celebrated its 30th year in Penticton this year) would be leaving our small town and has been taken over by the Challenge family.  (

There have been mixed reviews of the coming change amongst locals here but after thinking about it for a few days, I still decided to join the Challenge and welcome it with open arms.  All it means now is that I won’t be getting that Ironman tattoo I have always invisioned.  The event is the same and that’s what it’s about.  Taking yourself to a place you have never been before.  Not just physically.  It’s going to be a trip and I’m super excited for it!




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