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0 for 2


It was my plan/goal to be in the pool at 630am both yesterday and today.

I failed to achieve that goal and was kind of disappointed.  Get to bed earlier so you can get up earlier.  Simple.  Now do it.

But then I was thinking of a conversation I had with a woman that attends our programs at work.  She said that when she gets down and starts to think of all of the things that she DIDN’T get done today, she stops and thinks of all of the things that she DID do.

Even if that means you accomplished only 1 thing on your goals list for the day, you still did it.  So I thought ok, you didn’t get to the pool but this morning I DID hop on my bike for 30 minutes before work.

Tomorrow I will try, once again, to get my ass to the pool for 630am.


Soap making Sunday



Not related to triathlon in any way, (well I guess I will use this soap to clean my sweaty body after a workout) my friend Danica and I learned how to make soap today.  It was awesome.

Lemongrass, lime and sweet orange with oatmeal is what I created today.

Fun and fairly easy.  It’s like baking a cake.  A cake that will burn the shit out of you if you’re not careful, but the principles are the same.

Baby Steps


These pipes may not look like much, but for me, this is pretty good.  Haha

I have always wanted nice, sculpted arms but have never achieved them.

I’m hoping that triathlon and Crossfit training might actually be the thing that delivers them.  We’ll see.

Baby pipes photo #1.Image

Right Here


Do you remember that scene in the movie 127 hours, where he’s going over all of the events in his life?  Not calling his mom, going out on dangerous adventurous weekends alone, girlfriends etc.  In the movie he comes to this moment of clarity and understanding that all of the things he has done in the past, has brought him to this moment.  That he is the one who has brought himself to this very spot.

Now my arm isn’t jammed between a giant boulder and the earth, but I too am having this same moment of that everything I’ve done in the past has led me to where I am at now.

This relation is almost entirely in relation to my physical practice of late.  Tonight during Crossfit we did lateral shuffles.  How many times have I done this movement during my years of volleyball.  It’s like I was transported back to junior high, high school, club teams and University vball practice.  Man, I’ve been here before.  I remember, my body remembers.

Swimming laps in the Sherbrooke pool in Winnipeg preparing for small triathlons, painfully uncomfortable training during the Tae Kwon Do days, puking after the last 1/2 marathon I ran.  All of those painful days along with the triumphant ones, has brought me to this point where I am mentally, physically and emotionally ready to take part in these extracurricular activities I have signed up for, and that are possibly the most challenging I have ever taken part in. 

All of those training sessions, events, road trips, wins and losses were all lessons.  They are all here for me now when I need to access them while exploring new limits with Crossfit and with triathlon.  Both paths are so exciting to me.  So challenging and uncomfortable.

That uncomfortable place is the place in which we grow. 

What is challenging you and making you uncomfortable lately?