It’s all around me.  When I wonder,  “how the hell am I going to finish this thing” I just take a look around me. 

At the gym it’s the people running beside me on the treadmill forcing me to keep up with them, the seniors that are still rocking tough workouts, my bodybuilding friend who has come so far and there’s no stopping her, Bethany Hamilton, Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, Sister Madonna the list goes on and on and on. 

What I love about Challenge/Ironman is that there is absolutely no reason that you can’t finish it.  Any possible reason you may have created in your mind of why you CAN’T do it, is bullshit and someone else has got your story beat. Cancer survivors, 80 year old nuns, injuries, obesity you name it. 

So, when I’m getting tired and whiny I think of you.  In one way or another whether you know it or not, you have inspired me.  In something you said or did.

There is no way I could complete this journey without the amazing people I have around me.  Even those I don’t get to see physically, that inspirational quote you posted on your Facebook page makes a difference! 

Inspiration was my word of the day yesterday.


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