This is another word that comes to mind so often.  Almost every day when again, I think to myself “how the hell am I going to finish this thing!?”.

A few things come to mind to bring myself back.

1. Going to the post before this, inspiration.  I think of all of the absolutely amazing things that people have accomplished that have had so many challenges placed in front of them.

2. You’re not going to do this event tomorrow.  The body is so amazing.  It will adapt and it will perform the way you want and need it to come the time.

3. You will get stronger where it counts the most.  The mind.  Finding words that will help me reach the goal.  Stuart Smalley mantras over and over and over again in my mind is what is going to get me to the finish line.

Little by little, day by day, poco un poco it will come and my own personal mantra, “I got this” sometimes adding the variation, “I got this bitch“.  Haha


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