Word of the day.

You know when you always SAY that you’re going to go visit someone or go take this class or read that book but you never ever do.  I feel like this all just comes down to timing.  When the time is right in your life, it is then, that you will do these things.

This becomes especially difficult to remember when we have those around us that we KNOW would benefit from eating better or watching this documentary, going to that yoga class or whatever and they never do.  But we are all guilty.

This is the word for the day or for the past 2 weeks as I have made recent changes in my diet.  Changes that I always knew were the changes I should make but never did.  I wasn’t ready, it wasn’t important to me at the time, I was too lazy, whatever.  Timing.

The timing is right for me now.

After watching an awesome documentary that my friend recommended called Hungry for Change (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-WWp9wlvwU) along with all of the other documentaries I have watched, I have finally actually made changes in my diet.

Why is the timing right now and not all of those other times I have said, I’m never eating this shit food again, after polishing off an entire bag of chips.

Challenge is why.  How can I expect my body to perform, be happy, fueled, energetic if I’m fueling it with only regular grade fuel.  Now it’s not like my diet was super shitty before but it wasn’t super great either.  Most often too busy or too tired to make a proper meal, I would turn to Triscuits and hummous for dinner.  Eat IN bed, right before bed.  Not enough protein for the amount of work that my body was doing each day blah blah blah.

So, with this I have made 2 big changes.  1 is more of an experiment for now.

First, I’m juicing.  Randy has The Champion Juicer from about 100 years ago.  The thing weighs about 40 pounds but still works like a dream.  Yes, I’ve been a vegetarian for many, many years now but I still wasn’t consuming as many veggies as I should have been.

Now I just juice it up and drink it.  Boom.  Minerals and vitamins straight to my cells.  Premium grade fuel.

Next, the experiment portion of my change is eliminating wheat.  I have often felt in the past that we are kind of sissies here in North America.  Allergic to this, allergic to that.  Tommy can’t have peanut butter and Sally can’t have milk.  Like what the hell is going on.  WHY can’t some people eat these things and are they really allergic to them or are they just sissies?  This year everyone is allergic to peanuts and then the next year it’s dairy, now it’s gluten, what will the next thing be? 

While living abroad and traveling, I NEVER came across a child or an adult that was allergic to nuts, dairy etc.

I specifically remember a time when I brought banana bread in to work that I had made and I told the teachers that there were nuts in it just in case anyone was allergic.  They looked at me strangely, like I was nuts.   WHY would anyone be allergic.  This issue doesn’t seem to exist in other countries so what is going on in ours?

Cutting wheat out of my diet did not get me excited when I first starting thinking about doing this.  I am a HUGE bread lover.  Love to make it, smell it, buy it, toast it whatever.  I. LOVE. BREAD.

Never mind my other staple in my diet, Triscuits.  I almost love them as much as I do my daily breakfast of toast and PB or my homemade granola.  So.  How am I going to do this?



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