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Saturday morning ride


Saturday morning ride

Our longest ride so far on the trainer. Looking forward to getting out on the road!




Man.  Today was such a long day, it should count as 2 days!

It began with a 430am wake up call.  What!?  Oh yeah, 430.  Good times.  It went off this early so that I could be at Crossfit for the 530am ass kicking.  And that it was.

From there the day continues as usual.  Work, practice yoga then teach yoga.  Thursdays are normally my long days anyway but that 430am wake up call was just too much.

When I got home it was almost 9pm.  Then I thought, wait a minute.  Up at 430, finishing up around 9pm.  That is about how long I hope Challenge will take me.  Oh god.

So I figure, these long Thursdays are just prepping me for the big day.  Seems like everything is some how helping me prepare for this day.

Happy Friday!

More baby steps



Seeing yourself progress is just awesome.  In anything, playing guitar, drawing, losing a couple pounds, whatever it is, when you notice yourself progressing, all of the hard work and all of those times you were frustrated are worth it.

My latest progression has been on the bike.  When I first joined the spin groups I could barely be up out of the saddle for 30 seconds.  EXTREME lactic acid in my quads.  Holy cow.

Now, I’m up to 90 seconds, yesterday we did 2 minutes.  Now, it’s still not pleasant, but I can handle 1 minute with strength and ease now.  This feels so good.  Every time you work on your craft, whatever it might be, even if you weren’t able to spend as much time a you would have liked on it that day, it counts.  It all counts in making yourself better, stronger.

As we were coming up on yet another interval out of the saddle yesterday in class, my buddy Garry said “It just makes us better, right!? makin us better.”

Heck yeah I thought.  All of this hard work is just making us better each and every time we do it.  I want to get better.  I need to get better in order to finish this thing so here we go, up out of the saddle once again.

Did you get out of your saddle today and take yourself to that uncomfortable place?  That uncomfortable place is the place where we grow.  There is NO growth in stagnation.  None.

So, let’s learn how to find comfort in these uncomfortable places.

Go get em!

6 Weeks


So it’s been about 6 weeks since I started the no gluten/wheat experiment.

There have definitely been moments where I’ve really wanted that 12 grain bagel with cream cheese from Tim Hortons,

but for the most part, it’s been pretty good.  The elimination of wheat in my diet has been quite smooth.

More importantly, I feel better.  My one major issue of head to toe muscle soreness every day has ceased.

This has been amazing.  Now when I’m sore, it’s relevant to whatever my workout was the day before.

As for the runny nose, I still have that but, my gas has actually decreased which is awesome.  Shocking, I know.

So overall, eliminating gluten from my diet has been a very positive thing and I will continue to not include it.