If you know me, you know that I have never been a fan of early mornings.  Again, unless I am getting on a plane to go some place warm.

But as the days and weeks go on and I will eventually have to morph into a morning person for Challenge, I am still amazed by the difference in how I feel from the time my alarm goes off, to the time when I am done my early morning workout.

The first part is not so good.  5 or 6am alarms, most likely didn’t get to bed early enough the night before (working on that one still), it’s dark and thinking of the intensity at which I have to move my body at along with the mental focus it will require is well, just daunting at this point.  Crawling back under the covers seems like a much better option at this time.

But then, you turn some lights on, get a coffee going (MUY importante), gear up and head outside to the chilly, calm still outside and things start to turn around.

I actually really love being outside in the early morning.  The day is new, it’s so quiet, calm and still.  From this moment I know that I am going to accomplish so much before most folks are even awake.

Once you get to the gym, spin class, pool or whatever, your Gatorade, small bite of food and coffee are starting to kick in and you remember what has brought you here out of your cozy bed at this hour.  And you’re not boarding a flight to some place warm!  Well, maybe the steam room or hot tub.

Your goal has brought you here.  To be a part of something you’ve been admiring from a far for so many years now.

This helps to fuel the workout and make it worth your while.  Make it worth getting out of your cozy bed.

Once I’m finished the feeling is fantastic.  My mind and body are ready for the day.  Energized and focused.

After my shower and smoothie it’s hard to relate to that cranky girl I knew just a few hours earlier. 

I hope that post workout girl can infiltrate early morning cranky girl as time goes on!


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