Me encanta musica


Getting up, mobile and motivated to train hard at 6am is still quite difficult for me, but there are some songs that just spark something inside you and get you going.

We all have those few “pump you up” songs and I find their power so amazing.  This morning at the beginning of our spin class (still a little sleepy) one of my “pump up” songs came on.  Darude, Sandstorm.  A little old school yes, but it’s still good.

Something just shifts and all of a sudden you become that bad ass you want to be.

We watched a movie last night called Here comes the Boom.  The goal in the movie is to save the Fonze’s job as a music teacher and he quotes Nietzsche:  “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

I thought, wow, imagine a life without music?  We can all think of certain songs that remind us of very specific things.  Just like smells.

Hearing a certain song can put you right back in junior high at a school dance feeling awkward, your wedding day, a date, school, a certain time in your life, whatever.  A life without music would be so so sad.

Tell me what songs get you going!


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