So Fun!


Today was Penticton’s first ever indoor triathlon held at the Community Center pool and the events center.

I have been looking forward to this event since I registered back in December.  It was just a short event but still a good way to practice transition and to see where your body is at as of now.

We swam for 15mins, biked on trainers for 30 and then immediately ran for 20.  Obviously it’s the amount of distance you covered that was measured.

I was secretly hoping to place in my age category but didn’t.  Oh well.  It’s humbling when old broads make the top 3 and you didn’t.  Ouch ego.  Get over yourself.  haha

For most of the event I had a smile on my face.  What brings this smile is the sense of community amongst all of the other athletes and with all of those folks who came out to support and volunteer.  Seeing Randy’s smiling face every time I looked up was just awesome.  Snapping pictures and looking so pumped.

Dads specific whistle that I have heard since I was little from the stands as I came running around the track.  Rad.

This little glimpse, this itty bitty taste of triathlon got me so pumped for what’s to come for the rest of the season and of course, the big show in August.  I believe that the energy that surrounds that day, the big day, will help carry me through to the finish line.

Looking forward to meeting you Challenge. 


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