Man.  Today was such a long day, it should count as 2 days!

It began with a 430am wake up call.  What!?  Oh yeah, 430.  Good times.  It went off this early so that I could be at Crossfit for the 530am ass kicking.  And that it was.

From there the day continues as usual.  Work, practice yoga then teach yoga.  Thursdays are normally my long days anyway but that 430am wake up call was just too much.

When I got home it was almost 9pm.  Then I thought, wait a minute.  Up at 430, finishing up around 9pm.  That is about how long I hope Challenge will take me.  Oh god.

So I figure, these long Thursdays are just prepping me for the big day.  Seems like everything is some how helping me prepare for this day.

Happy Friday!


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