Slackin what!?


I’ve been slacking on my bloggin that’s what!

What I don’t feel that I’ve been slacking on is my workouts.  Averaging between 7-9 workouts per week right now and am wondering if I’m doing too much? too little?  Need to have more conversations with some wise people and do a bit more research.

It’s definitely cool to see improvements in yourself physically and mentally.

I was thinking about one post from a while back about improvements and how I was so pumped that I could now stand up out of the saddle on my bike for 2 minutes.

Well last weekend we did 5!  With a name like “Mountain Man” to finish off our Saturday ride, we knew this drill was going to be ugly.  With no expectations, I just kept riding.  1 minute oos, 2 mins, 4, then 5.  It was pretty rad.  Especially at the very end of our 2 and a half our ride.

Speaking of riding, time to go.  I am, at this point, very much looking forward to getting outside to ride.  These indoor spin classes are awesome and I’m learning lots but man, near 3 hours on a bike inside is tough!

Here we go 2 hours and 45 min ride!




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