Where do I start with this one.  Writing about this addiction has been on my mind for weeks now.

In my recent attempts to limit certain items from my diet, when it comes to sugar, more specifically chocolate, I struggle the most.

I feel like a vampire must feel after getting their first taste of blood.  They want more and more and that’s all they can think about and they’ll do anything they can to get it.

Yep, that is exactly how I feel with chocolate.  The creamy, silkiness in your mouth, the sweetness, the euphoric feelings from the chemical release in your brain.  Ahhhhhhh

So when trying to limit sugar, I must try to limit chocolate.  This is like an alcoholic “limiting” their alcohol consumption.  It doesn’t really work.  If someone clean has a drop of alcohol, it usually doesn’t stop there.  They binge and get wasted.  Same thing. 

I managed to not have chocolate all week until Friday.  My friend was selling Purdy’s chocolate for her son’s fundraiser so f course I bought some.  Gave one to mom, gave one to my couch surfer guy and tried to put the rest out of my mind.  Haha, good try.  I ate 2 bars that night and felt gross after.

Just as with the elimination of wheat from my diet that started in January, I want to experiment with little to no sugar.  My “wheat belly” did not disappear so I’m hoping that maybe no sugar will help with that along with my lovely adult acne.

I’m also limiting dairy products with the exception of cream in my coffee to see if that helps my constant runny nose.

The experiments continue!  good times.

I think of a line from Kramer in a Seinfeld episode when he gets rid of his fridge and says “I like depriving myself of things, it’s fun!”.  Hahhahaha



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