Thong be Gone


During the yoga workshop I attended this afternoon, the colorful underwear of the girl set up in front of me caught my eye.  At first I thought it was a thong and thought, damn, why do girls even bother wearing thongs under their yoga pants!?  I just don’t get it.

After several more glances at this girls colorful underwear, (and more and more of it showing due to more and more poses) I realized that they in fact were not thong style undies but just regular old gitch.  Sorry girl for taking so many glances at your bum, yoga pants and underwear style!

In any case, I still don’t understand how wearing a thong while doing yoga, working out, doing anything at all basically could be comfortable.

Why haven’t these thong wearing girls just come over to the Commando side.  No gitch, just tights??  It’s so much more comfortable, freeing and less laundry!

To the girls that are still wearing thongs, please, please consider going Commando or at the very least, give it a try it!



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