The goal today was to bike in the morning and if it didn’t happen in the morning, then to bike after work and then go to Crossfit.

I did neither. 

I find it very hard to let go of the guilt I feel when missing a workout, even though sometimes, it could and most likely is for the better.  Maybe you’re coming down with something, body is very sore or you’re just not into it today.  It’s hard to find that voice that says, that’s ok.  It’s OK to take the day off from training and have a nap after work with your lovely boyfriend, which is exactly what I did today and it was so great.  Especially since it rarely ever happens.

So instead of feeling overwhelmed with guilt, I’m trying to shift my mind into something more positive.  In that I’m doing something good for myself by resting and clearly if I fell asleep after work then that is what my body wanted and needed.

So with that, I plan on killing it in the pool tomorrow morning and on my section of the Elevator race on Saturday morning.

Nap on!


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