Have you ever scene the movie with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan and many other popular actors called Funny People?  There’s a line in there that makes me laugh.  Seth Rogan is doing his comedy act to a group of folks that work for Twitter or some opposing site to Facebook and says “Fuck Facebook, in the face.”  Love it.  Maybe watch the movie and it will seem funnier to you.

In any case, that is how I feel with fear.  Fuck fear, in the face!  Sorry to my friends who don’t enjoy cursing as much as I do.  But really.  Damn you fear.  Or damn me for allowing fear to be so present in certain situations.  Currently I am struggling with my fear of riding my road bike on the road.  Semi trucks, seniors driving over-sized motor homes, L and N license drivers and basically everyone on the road freaks me out.  I predict that the more rides I go on, the more comfortable I will become with this and can just tell this silly fear to, well, you know. 

Today we rode out to Naramata.  A road that I have always thought would be quite awful to ride on given its twisty turns and narrow shoulders.  But, it was lovely.  No I didn’t get hit by a car, truck, semi trailer or senior or wipe out.  We just had a nice ride on a beautiful morning.

My next fear on the bike is going down big hills.  This has always freaked me out.  Going super fast isn’t ever something that I’ve craved to do really and the thought of wiping out while screaming down one of these big hills psyches me out a bit.  Being comfortable with high speeds on the bike will only help me during the ride after busting my ass UP the hill!  It’s the reward.  Must work on this and continue to replace these silly thoughts with more positive ones r like I said before, I WILL manifest these things I fear.  I don’t doubt that for a second.

Let’s instead manifest killin it UP the hills and enjoying the break on the way down.  Having confidence in those that are driving and that they will in fact notice my fluorescent green bike jacket and not hit me and that I have complete control over my bike and my mind.  Create that.

Yet another fear is wondering how I stack up to others in the cycling department.  I have been invited to go on a long ride tomorrow morning with a friend and her crew who are all Ironmen and hard core cyclists.  Ugh.  Most of me just wants to find reasons why I can’t join them.  I don’t want to slow you down, I have a swim planned for tomorrow, my training calendar doesn’t have me riding at 3 hours yet blah blah blah.

I need to go. 

Fuck you fear.  I don’t need you.

On one of the last Biggest Loser episodes I watched the contestants were in New Zealand and jumped off the tallest building, bungee jumped and did some kind of super high zip line type thing.  NONE of the people who had extreme fear of heights who found it within themselves to actually jump said that, gees I regret doing that.  No way.  They were exhilerated.  It’s the same feeling as getting your ass out of bed in the morning and how you feel AFTER the workout you told yourself you didn’t want or need to do when your bed was calling to you.

It’s how you feel after you successfully complete your scuba diving course after having a few set backs due to your fear or how you feel when you finally make it to the top of that face your friend Johnny led you up rock climbing.  It feels absolutely amazing to face these made up fears and if not conquer them, but at least find a way to deal with them and still find success so that they don’t take over.

Tomorrow I will report back on how my ride with my friend and her group went!

What’s your fear?  Is it holding you back from anything or motivating you?


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