Inspire Me


I know I’ve said this before but inspiration is all around us.  Whether or not we choose to look at it that way or not is up to us.  We all have those friends or know someone who will find the opposite viewpoint.  The negative side, the Debbie Downers.  It truly is as simple as changing your mind.  Another quote I really like is “Change your mind, change your life.”  So true.  Of course, like many things that sounds so simple, actual practice is much more difficult.  But it’s like anything.  Practice, commitment, dedication.  Just like changing your diet, getting back to the gym, practicing guitar or whatever it might be.  Keep going, keep moving forward and remember your goal.

On the episode of TBL I watched this morning:

“No matter what, you finish it strong, because that’s the part that matters the most.”  Jillian Micheals on The Biggest Loser.

With that, let’s get today’s workout going!



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