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Ok.  So obviously, I’ve shaved my head.  Well, Randy shaved my head and I helped him shave his.  No big deal to him anymore as he’s done it many times now.

But for me, this is a BIG deal.  Shaving my head has been on my Bucket List for many years now.  I’ve come close several times but never had the balls to actually do it.

Carried around Natalie Portman’s photo around in my wallet in Korea when some hair dresser destroyed my hair with some terrible coloring, another time in Korea when I tried to convince my friend Melissa to shave it off together justifying it to her in that, well, your hair is already so short, what’s a few more inches.  Haha, she didn’t buy it.

And lots of other random times I have said to friends, yep, I’m gonna do it, I want to do it and of course never did.

Well screw it.  If you read my older post about fear, shaving my head falls into that category.

WHY did I never follow through all those other times.  Cause I was scared, chicken shit.

But of what really?  It’s hair!!

Afraid of what I would look like.  People would think I’m ugly or a lesbian.  For the Seinfeld lovers: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

That it will take forever to grow out.  Again, who cares, its only hair and it WILL grow back.

Being attached to the little amount of hair that I did have was another reason not to do it.  No pony tails (not that I had much of one) or how it looks when it’s nice and straightened (not that that happened very often anyway) and just being used to having hair period!  I and almost everyone has had head their whole life.

And could I pull it off?  Are you strong enough to rock this as an individual.  At your core.  Are you up for it?

Now for the positives.

1. Shaving would mean conquering a fear.  I’m always up for that.  To stop talking about always WANTING to do it and just friggin do it already!

2. Let go of the attachment and of  letting my ego rule.

3. MORE TIME!!!!  This one right now is the biggest thing.  I spend too much freakin time on the small amount of hair I DID have.  My time is precious man!  I have lots of other things I would rather be doing than doing my hair.

4. Checking something off of my Bucket List.  This feels so great.  2013 is proving to be a year of checking boxes and I like it!

These are the main reasons.  Others include, possibly saving a few dollars with not having to purchase leave in conditioners and all that stuff.

Another is, Randy and I are going to have a little contest to see who’s hair grows out faster.  I have already committed to growing my hair until I reach 40 years old which is in 4 years.  I’m pretty sure that Randy will win this one!

So there it is.  I have no hair.  With this I have more time to be doing things I want to be doing such as writing this blog entry.  Haha


Come on summer!





With the first couple outdoor rides I’ve done I’m just itchin to get outside and ride but with weather like this, I am opting for an indoor ride instead today.

Yes, I could bundle up and head out but why?  WHY be cold when I don’t have to be??  Of course it’s great to get out on the road, you’re not doing the race on an indoor trainer but we still have 4 months to go and soon the weather will be blazing.  I welcome those days and am looking forward to the tan I’m going to have this year!  haha

But for today, I will park my ass on the indoor trainer and be inspired by Dori and Nemo.


Playing with the Boys


Playing competitive sports for most of my life I have learned that if you want to get better, REALLY want to get better, you need to play with the boys.

Play with them, practice with them, scrimmage with them whatever.

The other day at swimming we ended the workout with a 4, 50m sprints.  I was called up into the big boy lane/the shark tank and paired with this guy Dave.  Good dude.

So off we go on the first sprint.  I win.  Hooray for me I think.  I busted my ass and beat him but don’t get too nuts as we still have 3 more to do and I don’t know if I can make them all as strong at this first one.

2nd sprint, 3rd sprint, 4th.  Sloane wins.  Now I’m not letting this go to my head or anything but it has always been and always will be SO awesome to be a girl and beat a guy.

Get out and beat a boy today!  At anything!  haha

“Look Cool”


A couple years ago when I took my Open Water Scuba Diving course in Thailand, our instructor would say “remember to look cool.”  I thought it was pretty funny at the time but the more and more I thought about it, it’s quite brilliant.  Not sure if he was actually this bright in that this was his intention but in any case, it works!

When learning to scuba dive, some people freak out a bit, get a little nervous, whatever.  Myself included.  When I thought of his recommendation to “look cool” (cause if you’re freaking out, you are most certainly NOT looking cool) I found that I would find a way to become more calm, regulate my breath and focus.

Reminding ourselves to look cool is brilliant because what are you going to focus on in order to look cool?  Your breath, relaxing your muscles and your face, being more present in the activity you are doing, being calm and usually finding a smile.

Brilliant!  Any time I feel myself start to freak out or get a little bit anxious about something, anything, I think of this and it works every time.

Are you looking cool right now freaking out because you spilled something?  Do you look cool when you are scared to do something?  No.  We just gotta remember to breathe, focus, relax and with that, we will all look cool!


My instructor is the dude on the bottom left.  Hilarious!