Well I didn’t join my friend that asked me to go for the looooonnnnng bike ride on Saturday as I decided to stick with the training that I already had planned for that day but I did join 2 new friends yesterday for a ride from their home in Summerland to Peachland. 

This morning we can definitely apply all of those fears as listed before.  Highway, my ability etc etc.

My new friends were nice enough to not leave me in the dust and set a pace that I could keep up with.  Barely at times!  haha

It was fantastic though.  My fear or large vehicles whizzing by didn’t even enter my mind as I was too focused on everything else going on!  Staying as close as I could to Louise’s wheel, gearing, rocks, self talk ad breathing.  Damn, who has time to focus on what other people are doing!

Once we arrived to Peachland we stopped at Bliss Bakery on the waterfront for a great coffee and an amazing chocolate mint bar.  (

Round trip took us about 2 hours, 10 minutes.  Clearly I felt a lot less skilled then my very seasoned friends but for me, I felt good.  I have 4 months to get stronger and faster and after getting this pivotal ride out of the way, the only place I can go is up.  180km will be long as hell but it will get done.

Thank you Andre and Louise!




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