“Look Cool”


A couple years ago when I took my Open Water Scuba Diving course in Thailand, our instructor would say “remember to look cool.”  I thought it was pretty funny at the time but the more and more I thought about it, it’s quite brilliant.  Not sure if he was actually this bright in that this was his intention but in any case, it works!

When learning to scuba dive, some people freak out a bit, get a little nervous, whatever.  Myself included.  When I thought of his recommendation to “look cool” (cause if you’re freaking out, you are most certainly NOT looking cool) I found that I would find a way to become more calm, regulate my breath and focus.

Reminding ourselves to look cool is brilliant because what are you going to focus on in order to look cool?  Your breath, relaxing your muscles and your face, being more present in the activity you are doing, being calm and usually finding a smile.

Brilliant!  Any time I feel myself start to freak out or get a little bit anxious about something, anything, I think of this and it works every time.

Are you looking cool right now freaking out because you spilled something?  Do you look cool when you are scared to do something?  No.  We just gotta remember to breathe, focus, relax and with that, we will all look cool!


My instructor is the dude on the bottom left.  Hilarious!


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