Playing with the Boys


Playing competitive sports for most of my life I have learned that if you want to get better, REALLY want to get better, you need to play with the boys.

Play with them, practice with them, scrimmage with them whatever.

The other day at swimming we ended the workout with a 4, 50m sprints.  I was called up into the big boy lane/the shark tank and paired with this guy Dave.  Good dude.

So off we go on the first sprint.  I win.  Hooray for me I think.  I busted my ass and beat him but don’t get too nuts as we still have 3 more to do and I don’t know if I can make them all as strong at this first one.

2nd sprint, 3rd sprint, 4th.  Sloane wins.  Now I’m not letting this go to my head or anything but it has always been and always will be SO awesome to be a girl and beat a guy.

Get out and beat a boy today!  At anything!  haha


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