Bahahhhahaa.  It’s funny that my lovely friend Kara (who’s an inspiration, training for her 3rd bodybuilding competition) posted this picture today on Facebook because this is exactly how I felt at the gym tonight.

Man there are just some days that are worse than others in the fart department. 

The great thing about farts is that everyone can relate to them.  Farts bring people together.  Haha. But really, think of about it.

Everyone can think of a time where they have had to fart but couldn’t.  In a meeting at work, at the gym, on a date or in a yoga class which is my personal favorite.  It’s like holding your farts in is a part of the discipline of yoga. 

One of the great things about training outside is that you can fart away and no one will know.  The gym is a fart restricted area.

As if we needed another reason to get outside and play!

Now get outside and fart!


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