My favorite thing about training so far is being outside and taking in all of the loveliness around me.  I am SO blessed to live in this place.  A place I have wanted to live in since I was little. 

EVERY time I go out for a run or a ride I run into deer, beautiful birds, wild horses, marmots, cows and the odd time a lynx!

The other day Randy and I went for a bike ride up on the reserve.  They have about a dozen wild horses that roam around.  They are beautiful.  This day we saw them off in the distance running up a hill to a pasture going to graze.  It was so beautiful.  The way the sun hit the mountain and the dust kicking up behind them.  It was like a movie trailer.

Also on this ride I saw a big fat marmot on the other side of the concrete barrier.  We were on the highway side and fatty was on the river channel side.  It was like he was racing me.  Hilarious!  I was just waiting for him to pop out through one of the holes in the barrier and wipe me out.

I’m pretty sure that if I ever wipe out on my bike it will be due to me saying hello to cows, looking at a pretty bird or racing a marmot.  Haha

Going for 2 longer bike rides this weekend and I’m looking forward to what I will run into!


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