This afternoon Randy and I drove the bike course of Challenge.  I have driven it before with dad but needed a refresher.

Damn.  My back was sore just driving the damn course!!  Can’t wait to feel what I will feel after biking it.  In any case, it is a beautiful drive and I just need to remind myself to chill out, “look cool”, smile, have fun and ENJOY the experience.

After my slightly humbling long bike ride on Sunday, the length of the course appears even a little more daunting than it did before.  That one thought that I used to have often of “how the hell am I going to do this!?” started to creep in.  Looking at the distance as a whole is a total psyche out and I absolutely cannot think that way.  Things need to be broken down in stages.  This is how I will get through this massive distance.

It WILL get done and I’m not doing it tomorrow.  I have lots of time to prepare and feel the course out.  I am so lucky to live here and be able to train in this beautiful place!




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