Run Baby Run


Aside from the obvious physical benefits of running, I also really appreciate how it affects us in so many other ways.

After several dark, rainy days here in the Okanagan, the clouds finally broke this afternoon and the sun poured out into the valley.  I couldn’t wait for 4 O’clock to arrive so I could get outside!

I suited up and headed out with no particular route in mind. 

The physical part of tonight’s run was fine but I found myself so much more in tune with what was around me.  It was like things were amplified tonight.

The smell of wisteria flowers almost punching me in the face with their strong scent, the hyper active dog playing with its owner, the sound of birds, seeing bugs on the sidewalk, the mountains and the lake.  Damn this place I live in takes my breath away daily.  These things calm me, make me smile and make my soul happy.

So along with the great physiological benefit of running, I feel that we are also tapping into our emotional, spiritual and mental well being while connecting with the nature around us.  Being a part of it.  Connectivity, respect and appreciation for what’s around us human and otherwise. 

These aspects have been the most enjoyable part of my training so far.  Especially these longer bike rides which allow you to notice things you wouldn’t have otherwise driving by in your car.

Looking forward to my mental, emotional, spiritual training this weekend.  Oh yeah, and the physical part too!





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