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Suck It!


I crush you Richter’s Pass!!

After hearing about the hype of this pass for years now I finally had to see what it was all about.

My riding buddy Joanne tackled it with me.  It was a short ride, only 48km from Osoyoos to Keremeos but a great one!

I discovered that yes, it is all hype.  I’m not saying that it’s not difficult.  It definitely is but man, it is not what I had created in my mind.  And of course, it will feel different after I have already completed 65km in a swim and bike prior but I doing that ride has given me more confidence.  I CAN do this.  It will hurt but it will get done.

Today’s ride up Chute Lake was way harder.




Chute Lake


I never met a hill that I couldn’t finish.  Until today.  Today’s ride took me to Naramata and up Chute Lake Rd.  There’s a resort up there and a lake of course and it turns into a logging road.

This has been my hardest ride to date.  My goal was to make it to the part of the road where it turns to gravel.  I had no idea exactly how far up this was.  After climbing and climbing for a couple km, I reach a sign that says 8km (windy road symbol).  Fuuuuuuck I think.  I don’t think that I can make it up another 8km.  I stopped.  Ate a bit, drank a bit, pondered a bit.  If you don’t man up and keep going up, what I thought was another 8km, you’ll have to come back again and reach this goal and do alllllll of that climbing that you’ve already done, again.  Barf.


So I kept going.  I am SO happy that I did as soon enough there was the gravel road!  Fuck yeah!

Lesson, persevere and you will meet you goal.  What a piss off it would have been to have attempted that ride another time and get to the same point and to then realize how close I was the last time!  haha

Oh, and the best part of the ride, I saw 2 bears!!!  So awesome!Image





Bare Bones


It has been a shamefully long time since I have written anything.  One reason, and probably the main reason, is after an event in May my ego was down and out.  Get over it right!

It was a nice event.  Bare Bones duathlon.  5k run/30 something km ride/5k run.  Perfect me thinks!  I was in the last group of folks to finish.  Once again people who out weight and out age me by at least 20 finish before me.  Why?  I have no idea.  This seems to be the norm for me in anything involving distance.

So, I was bummed for a while, busy with work and training.  I thought about blogging every day but just did not make it happen.  Lame.

Since then I have gotten over myself and am ready to kick my next event’s ass.  Slowly.  Haha

Coming to terms with the fact that yeah, I’m slow.  So what, I’m doin it.  And that’s just what I would say to anyone else.  So own it, be slow.  Work as hard as you can and that’s all you can do.  And smile.