Chute Lake


I never met a hill that I couldn’t finish.  Until today.  Today’s ride took me to Naramata and up Chute Lake Rd.  There’s a resort up there and a lake of course and it turns into a logging road.

This has been my hardest ride to date.  My goal was to make it to the part of the road where it turns to gravel.  I had no idea exactly how far up this was.  After climbing and climbing for a couple km, I reach a sign that says 8km (windy road symbol).  Fuuuuuuck I think.  I don’t think that I can make it up another 8km.  I stopped.  Ate a bit, drank a bit, pondered a bit.  If you don’t man up and keep going up, what I thought was another 8km, you’ll have to come back again and reach this goal and do alllllll of that climbing that you’ve already done, again.  Barf.


So I kept going.  I am SO happy that I did as soon enough there was the gravel road!  Fuck yeah!

Lesson, persevere and you will meet you goal.  What a piss off it would have been to have attempted that ride another time and get to the same point and to then realize how close I was the last time!  haha

Oh, and the best part of the ride, I saw 2 bears!!!  So awesome!Image






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