Not the quickest time out there but I finished the Osoyoos Desert Half Ironman this past Sunday.

I have been thinking about this event for a long time as it would be the benchmark for me to analyze where my training has taken me, or not.

As suspected, I felt amazing during the swim and was out pretty quick, 2.4km in 33 mins.  My goal for the bike portion, 90km, was to just finish it in time!  It was a super tough ride but I finished in 4:05.  The run, well, to be expected, was slow but it got done.  I just won’t mention the time  Haha

The day was great with perfect weather and some memorable spectators who sweat it out in the heat with us cranking tunes, offering water and sour candies as well as inspirational signage.  That was awesome.  The best sign of the day was “Choose a Positive Thought”.  This really stuck with me.  Yeah this head wind is killin me on these hills but it definitely won’t help me at all if I start cursing about it and allowing it to bring me down.  I can’t change the wind.  I can’t change the fact that 20 people blew by me on the bike and I couldn’t catch them.  All I can do is choose my thoughts wisely and let them work for me.  A positive, encouraging brain is much more helpful than a negative one.

This mental training, as I’ve said before, is what will take me across the finish line in 7 weeks time.

Thank you spectator for recognizing that and for the reminder.

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