I have finally truly accepted where my physical body and fitness is at when it comes to endurance events.  I’ve always struggled with endurance.  Remember the 12 minute run in junior high and high school?  Yeah, I dreaded it.  I’m athlete of the year at my school but can barely make it through this test.  What?  Yeah.  Not my forte.  Explosive, anaerobic sports, yep, that’s for me!

Over the years I started running and have taken part in about 6 half marathons and countless 5 and 10km runs.  During these events, and still today, I am jut in awe of the people who are the opposite.  Can sustain a large amount of output over a long period of time.  Wow!

This past weekend I finally just said fuck it.  This is where you are at now. Enjoy it, embrace, and just go with it!  Although it slightly pissed me off watching these folks blow by me on the bike I couldn’t let their ability squash my spirit or allow me to question my own ability.  TRUST in the training that you have already done and just focus on you.  That’s all I can.

Now my focus is to get my ass in my bike seat for as many hours as it will allow before the event and work.  Work, work, work my ass off so I know that I have done everything I could have possibly done to prepare myself for when you really think of it, a pretty ridiculous event!

It’s like preparing for a test in school.  I want to feel that I have studied as much as I possibly could have and feel as prepared as possible on test day.  Whatever happens during that test, well, I’ll just have to accept it for what it is and go with that. 


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