Longest ride



Slowly but surely.  This is a pretty slow pace but it’s where I’m at and I’m ok with it.  We are 6 weeks out from the event and it’s balls to the walls time.

Back to Crossfit and putting in more hours on the bike.  I feel good after last weekends half and feel improvements in my body all the time.  This WILL get done!


I LOVE riding by this sign.   So simple yet so powerful.  What if it said “NO?.”  It’s just a word, letters put together but they can create such an impact.

YES, I can get my ass up this hill!!!  YES, you can do that thing you’ve been wanting to do but have been afraid to do it.  YES!  Now go do it!

(This sign is actually in favor of making the area around them a National Park and lots of other signs DO say NO in big red letters)



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