Seniors roll a bit differently in my town.



Whether or not this picture if true we get the idea right. 

Since I started this journey of training for next month’s upcoming race, I have had the pleasure to be inspired by and in awe of many “seniors”.  My swim coach is 73, would have been an Olympian in South Africa if they had the funding and has been breaking Master’s records for years.  He gets BETTER with age.  Unreal.

Then there’s Diane.  Former triathlete and will turn 70 this fall.  We finished this weekends 155km ride at the SAME time.  She is out swimming with us 3x/week and probably gives her grandchildren a run for their money energy wise.  Oh, and she also kicked my ass in this year’s Elevator race in the 8km kayak.

Along with Carl and Diane, there are several other “seniors” and those that are on the cusp who are in phenomenal condition.  I have a few crushes I must say.

They have all chosen a life of health, fitness and activity and look at the amazing things they can do.  They will be fully functional and mobile as they continue to age and will probably still be kicking my ass!

CHOOSE and CREATE the life you want.  I can’t imagine that anyone would actually WANT to be dependent on others or in a wheelchair or gasping for breath walking up a flight of stairs.

It’s up to us.  We are blessed with the awesomeness of this physical body and we create the rest.  What do you want to be able to do?  Create the freedom in your physical body and open yourself up to the possibilities!

Love it, open it, challenge it, embrace it, honor it.


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