One more to go


4 weeks and only one more event to go.  The big show, the main event, what people train all year for will be here soon.

Every day I feel more ready.  Physically and mentally.  It’s like when you’ve been waiting for a really long time in the Dr.’s office and you are just SO ready to go in to see the doctor, although usually if you have to see the Dr. you aren’t feeling that well, that you just want to get in there and get it over with already.  I am starting to feel like that.

Or I feel like what I can only imagine what a pregnant person feels like.  Always being asked how they are feeling and all of those other expecting mom questions.  “How is your training going?” etc etc.  I’ve heard that you should keep your goals quiet and not announce them.  Lately I’m feeling that way.  haha

So yeah, with only 2 more weeks of larger volume training in front of me, I’m feeling focused, ready and feeling that hey, this distance IS doable.


Pic from last weekend’s Peach City Classic Triathlon.  Beautiful race, hot day, good times.

One.  More.  Event.


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