Last week I attended an Extra Gentle Yoga class led by the lovely Tash Scott at Purple Lotus.  Check her out here:

Not the usual class I attend but the words in the title of the class really attracted me n this day. 

Her theme for this class was Trust.  This couldn’t have been more fitting given the thoughts that have been in my brain lately in regards to the upcoming Challenge event on the 25th.

This whole process has been challenging not just to my physical body but to my mind as well.  Not wanting to get out of bed in the dark, early winter mornings for training, comparing my training to others, excitement, doubt.  Roller-coaster!

The ride has been especially rolly these past 2 months with the doubt trying to take over as much space as it can in my brain.  I have since squashed that doubt and have moved onto that place of trust.  Trusting in all the work I have done whether it is too little or too much.  Trust it.  Trust that my physical body will get me through this day and more importantly, that my mind will get me through.  It will.

Reaching this place feels great.  Doubt has turned to confidence and the excitement is beginning. 

Even when faced with those challenging times, remember to trust the process of whatever it is your are working towards.  When you allow yourself to feel safe and secure and know that whatever you are going through will eventually pass and in its wake, will leave you that little bit stronger. 


Thanks Tash!



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