Challenge Penticton vs. Pregnancy


For a long time now I have thought that training for this event is much like a pregnancy.

It was great to have this discussion with some friends last night at a work bbq, especially with one friend that is expecting in October.

Think about all of the similarities.

About 9 months of training give or take, 9 months of gestation.

Your body will change, it will be sore.  You’ll be tired and possibly a little cranky.

Your diet will change and you will most likely eat cleaner.  No alcohol.

On the day of the “big event” you will be in pain for many, many hours.  Once it’s over, you

will feel exhilarated and apparently forget about the pain you have endured and maybe even decide to

do it AGAIN!

At this point, I feel that my pregnancy is overdue.  I wish I could induce but I cant.  I have to try to enjoy these

final days leading up to the event and remember that you will only experience your first Ironman distance triathlon/first child birth

once.  Breathe, enjoy and remember why you signed up for this.

5 days till go time.


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