So now what?



As soon as I crossed the finish line of Challenge 2 weeks ago, the high and excitement started to wear off.  Ok, you did it.  Now what?  I spent some time with my visiting friends and family, got my massage, did my recovery workouts, got the tattoo etc etc.  All this time the tents are starting to come down, Challengers from out of town have left and the whirlwind of the iron distance triathlon has come and gone.  Just like that.  A day that I have seen in my mind for over a decade, materialized and was then over.  Poof. 

As I had compared the training and anticipation part of this event to pregnancy earlier, I now feel that post Challenge must be much similar to what a wedding must be like.  Just as for Challenge, you start preparing months and months in advance.  You are very excited for the day to arrive, maybe even feel a bit nauseous.  Your friends and family join you for this big day.  The day comes.  You’re nervous, excited, again, maybe a bit nauseous and super cautious that everything is in its correct place!  The day is amazing and flies by.  And then it’s over.  Boom.  You’ve worked so hard, planned and spent lots of money and it’s done.  Now what!?  It’s so strange.  A marriage might be more difficult than Challenge actually, because once you’re married, then the real hard work begins!  Post iron distance, I can sit on my ass and do nothing if I want to!

So there it is.  An iron distance triathlon, to me, is what I imagine pregnancy and planning a wedding to be like.  Haha.  I most likely won’t experience either of the comparisons (especially pregnancy) and am only going by what I’ve witnessed from my friends in those areas.

So what is next?

Crossfit, that’s what.  I want to be strong.  Strong-ER.  Triathlon strength is a different kind of strength.  I now want to be able to lift heavy shit and get a bicep.  Haha. 

But seriously, getting stronger will not only help me lift heavy shit but protect my joints, increase balance, help me get into that handstand that I SO want to conquer, increase my metabolic rate, increase bone density and muscle mass and ultimately help me be as self sufficient as I can when I’m older.  All of those amazing seniors I mentioned in an earlier post?  Yeah, I want to be like them.  Fit, happy, healthy, inspiring and amazing.

Along with Crossfit, I am balancing it out with running, biking and swimming and am also shifting my focus to yoga.  To go deeper in my own practice so that as an instructor, I have more to offer and share with students that come to my classes.  Physically, handstand is on my list.  Spiritually, to learn more.  Learn, learn, learn.  Then share, share, share.

On October 21st, Randy and I are heading on a “life alter-a-tion” journey.  Not a vacation or a trip.  But seriously pursuing the kind of life we want to live.  We have a one way ticket to Asia starting it off with a reconnection to Korea for me and an introduction for Randy.  Then to Thailand where we spend 7 weeks in Chiang Mai where I will study Thai massage.  Post massage school, we’ll play for a bit in the South and then head off to India where I will take more yoga training.

All along the way, being open to opportunities that present themselves, or opportunities that we can create.  But just being OPEN. 

So I might see you back in Penticton next summer.  Or, I might not!


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  1. I’m sure you will accomplish whatever you have your mind (and body) set to.. you gave me encouragement to TRY (very hard) to get my ass off the couch and back on the treadmill.. also the Wedding we have in September next year in Calgary also is giving me a push!
    We wish you and Randy safe travels and will be thinking of you.
    Keep us posted on your endeavours.. again.. sooo glad we were able to be in Penticton to CHEER you on!

    Love to both!
    Aunty Cookie ❤

    P.S. Where's the photo of your tattoo?? What design did u decide?

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