Props to the older ladies I see and train with at Crossfit. 

The Crossfit “box” can be an intimidating place.  People are grunting, there’s loud music, weights are being dropped and for the ladies who are working on self esteem and maybe haven’t spent all that much time in a gym, yeah, intimidating.  Maybe even uncomfortable.  But, getting out of that comfort zone is where the magic happens right!

So I am SO impressed with the older ladies that attend.  They are a bit out of shape and a bit overweight but man, they are still kickin’ it.  Doing it!  Just like everyone else.  We are all sweating and working hard whether you are lifting a 15 pound bar or a 215 pound bar.  It’s all relative.

I can’t remember where I heard it but someone said “Do 100% of what you CAN do.”  Love this.  These ladies are surrounded by girls who like like the one below, which can be intimidating in itself, but they carry on. 



So, here’s a huge shout out to the older ladies out there!  You are awesome!



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