Underpants Run!


Such a great event that is held the Friday before race day.  This event stemmed from some guys making fun of the European triathletes walking around their hotel wearing just their gitch and their heart rate monitors!  So lame. 

Heather and I have participated in several of these and they are always a blast.  This morning felt that extra bit more special as I am finally wearing a wrist band.

See pictures…



I’ve kind of been slacking on the inspirational movie front.  I just haven’t had the time this past week.

IF I have time today I would love to watch Finding Nemo which has kind of been my inspiration the whole time.  “Just keep swimming.”  That’s it.  Just keep moving is my mantra.


2 days out


Yowzah.  Woke up this morning and thought, holy shit, in 2 days at this same time I will be in the water starting my race!  It feels so good to leave last weeks feelings of anxiety, doubt and restlestness behind and to now enjoy the excitement that surrounds me. 

The support of my friends and family has been amazing and whatever the outcome is on Sunday I could absolutely have NOT done it without them! 

This is a pretty selfish event and I’m thankful for the understanding people around me!  Talking with Heather last night and comparing this weekend as if it were my wedding.  You’ve planned it, you’ve worked hard for it and now the day has come.  Your day.  Enjoy it and be in it fully.

Talking with another friend who completed Ironman in Quebec last weekend said that at the swim start a friend told her to “love the shit out of this.”  I like that.  Love the pain, the scenery, the people you’ll meet, the challenge, the success and possibly the puke.  Haha

2 days out, feeling great and can’t wait for the gun to go off!